Newsletters & Magazines

Newsletters and magazines are a great way to make your customers and clients aware of many important and notable things about your business, and have a variety of uses.

16-Steel-Mill-cover-7C-FINAL-FLThey can be:
• Mailed to your clients or potential new customers
• Available for reading in waiting rooms
• Handed out at business and trade events

Newsletter/Magazine options may include:
• Standard size 8.5″ x 11″ pages or custom set up
• Black & white to full color
• Folding for convenient display or postal delivery
• Tabbing for bulk mail delivery specifications
• Address imprinting from your database
• Targeted mailing options

Information you may want to include:
• In-depth information about various aspects of your business such as new products or services
• News about your involvement in community activities
• News of past and upcoming events
• Awards, honors and achievements
• Employee or organizational information such as new personnel, employee anniversaries or awards

We can provide typesetting, design and even writing and proofreading services for your newsletter! 
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